New Faculty Members Welcomed at Ajman University

Thursday, Sep 03, 2015

Ajman University of Science and Technology held a reception for the new faculty members hailing from Arab and other countries around the world who would join their fellow academicians in the different Colleges. The reception luncheon  was organized by the Human Resources Department wherein the faculty members met the management of Ajman University along with the Deans and Deputy Deans headed by Prof. Zein Al Abedin, Director of Intellectual and Academic Reference; Prof. Ahmed Ankit, Assistant to President for External Relations and Cultural Affairs; Dr. Basheer Shehadeh, Assistant to President for Follow-up and Development; Mr. Mohammed Abu Al Nasr, Human Resource Manager and Mr. Walid Dafallah, Head of Talent Acquisition Department.

Prof. Zein Al Abidin delivered a speech welcoming the new academics members and briefed them on the university's vision and objectives, being the oldest private institution of higher education in the region, the basic criteria that the university is works on is consolidating and enhancing teaching, training, research, expertise and practice.

New academic staff members had an ideal opportunity to exchange views and discuss their experiences in an informal setting with the Deans and Ajman University officials. The induction process had already been initiated when the candidates were in their respective countries. Human resource department extended all its assistance to ensure a smooth transition to a new country and different culture.

Ajman University has witnessed a very encouraging number of local employees join the Ajman University workforce during the last academic year; this is in line with the Emiratization initiative. It is worth mentioning that Ajman University has amended its salary scale and benefits, offering to local citizens competitive salaries, as well as allowances and various privileges. The university seeks to encourage local citizens to join Ajman University in both academic and administrative positions.